Nightclubs/Bars with the Cheapest Drinks in Tally

Nightclubs/Bars with the Cheapest Drinks in Tally

Hey Seminoles!

We hope your first week of Summer C is going great so far! Since the weekend starts tonight, we wanted to talk about the bars/clubs who serve the cheapest drinks in Tally. Knowing that most of you like to drink a lot & are on a tight budget, we thought this would help you out. We’ll go into which places serve the cheapest drinks and the specific events they hold so you can take advantage of their best deals. After researching a ton of places & events in Tally, we found our Top 10 and you will not be disappointed! They aren’t ranked in any specific order. Enjoy 🙂


Pots is known for 3 events they hold weekly: “Flipping Tuesdays”,Thursday Purgatory”, & “Friday World Famous Happy Hour”. At all three of these events, the drink specials are incredible. At Flipping Tuesdays, beers are only 25 cents. Crazy!! Also, you have a chance to order FREE shots. All you need to do is flip a coin and if you’re right, shots are on Pots. Honestly, I didn’t even mean to rhyme that. At Purgatory, they have all you can drink for $10. If you don’t want that, they also serve wells drinks for $3, $3 draft beers, & $10 Captain buckets. At their Friday Happy Hour from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, they have $1 wells drinks & $1 HighLife drafts. Prices tend to increase as the night gets older, but still very cheap throughout the entire night.

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Brass Tap on Gaines

This bar has one weekly event that has an amazing drink special: “Beat the Clock Fridays”. At this event, the earlier you arrive, the cheaper the drinks are. Every ½ hour, the prices go up, meaning the clock is ticking! At 7:00 pm, shots & select beers are $1. At 7:30 pm, they are $1.50. At 8:00 pm, they are $2. At 8:30 pm, they are $2.50. At 9:00 pm, they are $3 and at 9:30 pm, they are $3.50. Our advice is to pregame here starting at 7, then go out somewhere else to finish off the night!

** Be sure to click on the event names (in quotes) in each paragraph for more info if you’re interested in going! They will have a link to that specific event page. **

Bajas Beachclub

Bajas has a weekly event that is known for their drink specials. It’s called “Summertime Wasted” and it’s held every Friday until Summer ends in late August. For this event, cover is free until 12:30 am. They also have shots for $2, $3 drinks, and $6 doubles.

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The Strip

Here, there are 3 weekly events they are famous for: “White Trash Wednesday”,The Original Friday Night Block Party”, & “$10 AYCD Saturdays”. At WTW, there are $1 shots & drinks until 11:00 pm. There’s also a $5 cover for those over 21, $10 for over 18 & over. At the Block Party, there are $1 shots & drinks until 11:00 pm as well as $1 “get lucky” shots all night with lucky charms vodka! At this event, there is free cover all night for 21+, $5 – $10 for 18 & over depending. On Saturdays, the title of the event is loud and clear! AYCD for $10.

Recess at CollegeTown

Recess also holds 3 weekly events they are famous for: “Jacked Up Tuesdays”,Recess Fridays”, & “Come Play Saturdays”. On Jacked Up Tuesdays, there is no cover until Midnight. They serve $2 Jack Daniels, $2 wells drinks, & $2 shots until Midnight. They also have $5 Y-Bombs & $6 Four Lokos. Just drink enough until Midnight and you will barely break the bank! At Recess Fridays, there’s free prebanding between 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm. They serve $3 bud lights, $5 crown, & $2 shots until 11:30 pm. Come Play Saturdays are for the Ladies. Ladies get free champagne until Midnight! They also serve $2 tequila shots, $5 doubles, & $5 premium liquor for everybody.


This is the bar known for drink specials, period. On Wednesdays, it’s “Ladies Night”. They serve $8 top shelf triples as well as free drinks for ladies from 9:00 pm – 1:00 am. On Thursdays, they have “College Night”. From 8:00 pm – 1:00 am, it’s AYCD for ONLY $7. Just make sure you bring your student ID. The drinks they offer are wells liquor, draft beers, Smirnoff, and Bacardi. In our opinion, this is the best deal in Tallahassee. If you think there’s a better deal, DM or email us please. We’d love to know about that! On Fridays, they have Friday Night Happy Hour. For $10 cover, it’s AYCD until 1:00 am. On Saturday, it’s Ladies Night again. $5 cover gets ladies free wells drinks & drafts until 1:00 am. On Sundays, they serve free wells drinks and drafts until 1:00 am with a $6 cover. We still think College Night is better since it’s held on Thursday! Thursdays are a better drinking night than Sunday in our opinion.

Poor Paul’s Pourhouse

This bar is a landmark of Tallahassee. It’s been around since 1976 under the same owner, making it the oldest bar in Tally under one owner. One special they have is that all day every day, you have a 1/6 chance of winning free draft beers. You just need to spin the wheel of fortune and land on the right spot! On Sunday and Monday nights, they have free Gumby’s Pizza and $5 pitchers from 9:00 pm – 12:30 am. On Tuesdays, it’s “Ladies Night”. From 10:00 pm – 1:00 am, ladies get FREE wells drinks and 10 oz draft beers. Everyone gets to drink $3 imported bottles. On Wednesday & Friday nights, they serve $3 imported bottles and $3 top shelf drinks from 10:00 pm – 1:00 am. On Thursday nights, they serve $2.25 wells mixed drinks and $2.75 call mixed drinks from 8:00 pm – 2:00 am.

Junction at Monroe

In case you don’t know this venue, they are known for their live music shows. They host fantastic bands/artists all the time. On Tuesdays, they have “$2 Tuesdays”. They serve $2 wells drinks as well as $2 domestic beers. The specific beers are Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, and PBR tall boys. Hopefully they have a show on a Tuesday night soon!

Prime Time Lounge & Restaurant

If you’ve never been here, you need to go ASAP. Incredible drink specials and food. Makes me hungry just writing about it! From 11:00 am – 7:00 am, they have 50% off beer & liquor “DAILY”. That means the drinks are around $2 – $3 during this time frame. On Tuesdays, they have $2 wells from 9:00 pm – 2:00 am. On Wednesdays, they have $2 wine all day long. On Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights, they have Moonlight Happy Hour serving 50% off beer and liquor from Midnight – 2:00 am. It’s also Ladies Night on Saturdays. During this time, ladies get 50% off martinis & desserts. This means their specialty martinis are $4 and they are seriously some of the best cocktails in Tallahassee. Note: I’m a dude.

Brick House Restaurant & Bar

This bar has drink specials every day of the week. I’m pretty tired right now so I don’t feel like writing them all down. Click HERE to see them. Drink specials range from $1 – $3 depending on the day. Drinks offered include wells drinks, draft beer, $10 bottles of wine (had to include this), Bloody Mary’s, Fireball, & Icemint.

Let us know which special or place is your favorite! Tallahassee is full of life so don’t miss out on the adventure, especially during the weekend. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 list 🙂

– Skedge Team Member #1 ❤️