Top 5 Events This Week (7/22 – 7/28)

Top 5 Events This Week (7/22 – 7/28)

Hey Noles!

I know it’s hard that Summer C is coming to an end soon, but that just means we need to party even harder for the final moments! There are a ton of things to do on our homepage, so we’ve got you covered in case you don’t know what up to this week. To streamline the process of looking through every event, we wanted to give you our Top 5 for the week so you may not need to browse as much. Below is the list. Have fun & go Noles!

1. Christopher Titus: Stories I Shouldn’t Tell

This very funny guy has been through a lot when it comes to comedy. He had a Fox TV show called “Titus” that aired for a few years, has released eight 90 minute albums, six 1 hour comedy specials currently running on Comedy Central, and his most recent special hit the Top 10 Billboard Comedy Charts for 5 weeks. If you’re looking to laugh this Sunday, click HERE for the event page to buy tickets. They are between $25 – $40 depending on where you’re sitting.

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2. 3rd Annual Night Splash

As most of you know, Recess has been seldomly throwing pool parties throughout the Summer. The special thing about this particular pool party is that it’s their last one. Go celebrate with $2 shots/wells, $4 doubles, and the 3 DJs performing. To find out who, click HERE for the event page.

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3. Pokemon Week

FSU Campus Rec is throwing 3 different events this week to celebrate how awesome Pokemon is. The 1st event (Pokemon Trivia) is on the 24th where they will test your knowledge about the legendary characters. The 2nd event (“Detective Pikachu” Playing @ Student Life Cinema) is taking place right after trivia. The movie is also being played on the 25th – 27th, so no worries if you can’t make it on the 24th. The 3rd and final event (Pokemon Night) is on the 27th. During this event, they will have everything Pokemon. From tournaments to classic games on classic consoles, you’ll get it all. They’ll even have Super Smash Bros Ultimate with Pokemon charaters! For more info about these events, feel free to click the links in the parenthysis throughout the paragraph.

4. Luau Pool Night

This Thursday at Leach, they are having a Luau for FSU students. There will be key log rolling, canoe battleship, floatin’ on innertubes, cannon ball contests, innertube water polo, hula hoop contests, limbo & mocktails. I’ll admit that I don’t know what some of those things even are, but they sound fun! It’s a really good opportunity to make new friends and branch out a little. You never know who you’ll meet! For more info, click HERE for the event page.

5. Tuesday Night = Ladies Night (FREE AYCD)

We haven’t seen this happen much so we had to shout it out for you. On Tuesday nights at Poor Paul’s, ladies drink free. I’ll say that again. LADIES DRINK FREE. The drinks include draft beers and wells drinks. All I can say is I wish I was a girl on Tuesdays. I’ll leave you with that.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 5 events happening this week. If you have questions about anything, email us at Don’t forget there are so many more events on our homepage! Have fun for the last 10 days of Summer C!

– Skedge Team Member #1 ❤️