Top 10 Restaurants in Tallahassee

Top 10 Restaurants in Tallahassee

Hey Noles!

Today, we wanted to talk about what we think are the 10 best restaurants in Tallahassee. Since our most popular blog thus far is our picks for Top 10 Happy Hours (click HERE to read), we thought this would really help you as well. There are just so many great places that it’s hard to narrow down where to go! It’s good to try out different restaurants even if it’s reliable to go to the ones you already love. You never know what’s out there! In this article, we’ll cover a number of different cuisines ranging from American, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Southern, etc to help expand your knowledge and palettes. We would love to know if you have any other restaurants in mind that we didn’t mention. A little debate will never hurt anyone! By the way, if you’re interested in a place, we attached links to their websites. Just click the name of the restaurant and it’ll take you straight there. You ready? Starting at number 10…

10. Maple Street Biscuit Company

In 2012, this incredible establishment opened in Jacksonville, FL. They’ve expanded across a myriad of cities/states  and finally made its way to Tallahassee a few years back! They are known for their biscuits (duh), fried chicken, & gravy. This is a great place to take a first date since the food here is pretty cheap. You don’t want to go spending all of your money on someone who (how do we put this?) isn’t right for you. We also recommend you get their mac n cheese side dish. They put Cheez-its on top which we thought was weird at first, but it’s so dope. You’ll thank us later.

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9. Nagoya Steakhouse & Sushi

This is definitely our number 1 restaurant to order hibachi at! It’s always fun having a chef cook right in front of you especially if you’re at a party or with a few friends. A lot of people have their birthday parties here because of how fun it is to eat at their hibachi tables. Nagoya’s drinks are always 2 for 1 and their food is delicious. If you don’t like hibachi for some reason, they also have fantastic sushi. We would recommend the filet mignon hibachi, crazy tuna roll, sex on the beach roll, & Tallahassee roll. Enjoy!

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8. Mellow Mushroom 

We wanted to include an Italian place in this list because who doesn’t love Italian food?! We chose Mellow because their food is amazing for the price. They are known for their pizza, calzones, and hoagies. All we’ve ever had here is their Mighty Meaty Pizza and we just can’t stop thinking about it! In our opinion, this is the go-to place for Italian in Tallahassee.

7. La Tiendita Mexican Restaurant 

This has to be the cheapest Mexican spot in town! If you’re looking for traditional Mexican restaurant near you, this is the place. Located on North Monroe St, they serve fajitas, sopes, tortas, tacos, enchiladas, gorditas, chilaquiles, and more. You can’t go wrong with a $5 steak burrito & free chips/fire salsa!

6. Table 23

When we said “Southern” in the first paragraph, this is the restaurant we were thinking of. Their food & atmosphere are very high quality while the price not too bad. For example, their gourmet burgers are $14 and their large gumbo is $14. Not the cheapest meal you’ll ever get, but trust us, it’s completely worth it. Their brunch is also phenomenal. There’s no better combination than their chicken & waffles and bottomless mimosas! Not to mention you’ll most likely get to home base if you take your date here 😉 By the way, they have a great daily happy hour. Click HERE to see the event page for more info.

5. Midtown Caboose 

6 words: best burgers in town, hands down. We’ve never been to a burger joint with such an adventurous menu. For example, they have a s’mores burger with bacon! You probably think that sounds nasty. We did too until we finally decided to grow a pair and give it a shot. We haven’t looked back since and now order it every single time! They also have a sushi burger, peanut butter & jelly burger, mac n cheese burger, shephard’s pie burger, etc. You can’t go wrong trying this place.. or going back weekly. In case you’re interested, they have a weekly Trivia Night & a Monday – Friday happy hour. For more info, click HERE for the event page.

4. Backwoods Bistro 

Delicious food accompanied by great Southern hospitality is what you should expect at Backwoods! Like Table 23, this bistro is a little expensive in general. They do have a nice selection of cheap options like burgers, soups, & handhelds, but their Southern food (their specialty) will be a little extra. You most certainly get what you pay for here. The bacon wrapped scallops are to die for! They also have some really cool upcoming events such as their Birthday Bash next month. If you’re interest in games, live music, great food, etc., click HERE to see the event page. They’ll probably be feeling generous that day and may give away items 🙂

3. Canopy Road Cafe 

This is our favorite breakfast place in Tallahassee! Canopy is like the breakfast spot of Midtown Caboose (number 5 on this list) because of how nontraditional both their menus are. For instance, they have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pancakes & Funfetti Birthday pancakes as well! Their Birthday pancakes are some of the best pancakes we’ve ever had. The omelettes are also incredible. There’s a reason they have 4 locations in Tallahassee alone!

2. Sakura Japanese Sushi & Grill

Best sushi in Tallahassee. There’s just no other way to put it. Sushi is our favorite food in the entire world so if you think we’re wrong, please let us know why! Their fish is as fresh as their rolls are creative. It’s unreal. Our go to sushi spot was Robotos before learning about Sakura. LOL. It’s hard to even think about comparing the two now. Another cool thing about Sakura is they have happy hour every day. If you’re trying to drink without spending too much, they have 2 for 1 beers, wines, & sakes, etc from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. For more info on their happy hour deals, click HERE for the event page.

1. Shula’s 347 Grill 

Okay we’ll be real with you. This is a restaurant you go to on a special occasion because their meals are pretty expensive. They even have a dress code & 4 dollar price tags on Yelp. We recommend getting a steak because they are known for being a steakhouse over everything else they serve. The food, service, and ambiance here is nothing short of exceptional. It’s also cool to be able to go right upstairs to the Level 8 Lounge before or after dinner. There you can grab a real fancy drink & see all of Tallahassee from the only rooftop view in the city.

Let us know if you try one or some of these places! Would love to get your feedback on what your favorite restaurants in Tally are as well. Have a great weekend Noles!

– Skedge Team Member #1 ❤️