Top 5 Events This Week (9/2 – 9/8)

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Yo whaddup FSU fam,

Today we wanted to talk about the fun that’s about to happen this week. You probably know by now that FSU is all about the fun. Although there are a lot of things coming up, we narrowed it down to our Top 5 favs. If you want to know about more events happening soon in Tally, click HERE for our homepage. We noticed there are some big musical artists coming into town that you’d want to know about, so we’ll go head and get started with the biggest artist.

1. Lil Durk Performing Live @ Bajas

Lil Durk will be rapping & singing to you live for the 1st time in Tally this Friday, September 6. Time to throw them hands up and get ready to blow $25 on general passes or $50 on skipping the long line passes. Bajas has really been promoting this event making it seem like there will be a lot of people there. If it were up to us, we would get our tickets ASAP for this because it’ll probably be sold out before ya know it. For tix, click HERE.

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2. Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks vs FSU (Football)

By the way, there’s a huge tailgate on Friday night called the Friday Night Block Party and it takes place every Friday night before each home game in CollegeTown. For more info on this event, click HERE for the event page.

Well well well FSU you’ve done it again. We had the “w” last week and somehow found a way to blow it all over again like we’re in a constant deja vu or something. It’s alright though because we’re playing a team this week we don’t think even Louisiana has heard of. Unfortunately, ULM does have a better record than us so far since they beat a team named Grambling State last week who happens to have the same exact logo as the Green Bay Packers football team (the Packers must not know about this because they can easily make some sweet cash). Good luck Noles – we know you have it in you to get that winning record this year.

3. Green Velvet Performing Live @ Bajas (Already Passed)

It’s pretty safe to say Bajas is absolutely killing it this week with their lineup. Their booking agent deserves a round of a applause for sealing these deals, damn. For those of you who don’t know Green Velvet, he’s a House DJ and has been serious about music since the early 90s. He’s got over 350k followers on FB and over 1.2M monthly listeners on Spotify. If you want to hear some of his stuff before committing, here’s a LINK. For tickets & more info about the show, click HERE.

4. Pop-T.ART

This is an art release show featuring live music & various forms of interactive art. It’s almost like First Friday (click HERE for more info), but at an in-home setting. You should expect to see sculptures, paintings, and other “enticing installations”. Entry for this event is $7 or $5 without a car. Guess that means parking. For more info on who’s performing live and which artists are showcasing their art, click HERE for the event page.

5. Florida Gators vs FSU (Women’s Soccer)

The Seminoles Soccer Team is 2-2 so far this season following a 20-4 record in 2018. Unfortunately, FSU lost to #5 USC Trojans a couple days back but are ready to take on their arch nemesis, the Florida Gators this Friday at 7:00 pm. For more info, click HERE for the event page.

We hope you all have a great week so try not to miss out on these! There are other relatively big artists coming to down, like BIJOU Performing at Pots for instance. Again, if these events aren’t for you, there’s something for everybody on our homepage (

– Skedge Team Members #1 & 2 ❤️