Top 5 Events in Tally this Week (9/23-9/29)

Top 5 Events in Tally this Week (9/23-9/29) = Tallahassee Event Website [Discover Tallahassee’s best events all in 1 place.]

What’s up Noles,

We’re back at it again with our Top 5 events of the week. We hope you had a great weekend, especially with the Noles beating Louisville! You’ve got to admit though, it did get a little too close after us leading 21-0 by the end of the 1st quarter. But as Noles fans, we’re used to that by now so it’s all good. Anyways, Tallahassee has some amazing treats for you this week and we’re here to tell you what they are so you don’t miss out on the fun. Let’s get it:

1. Road to EDC: Nitti Gritti

Potbelly’s will be hosting Nitti Gritti this Friday along with other local DJs opening up for him. For those who don’t know who Nitti Gritti is, he’s a DJ who’s attained a very big audience in the Electronic Dance community over the past 2 years. He even has support from the biggest DJs of this era like DJ Snake, Diplo, Dillon Francis, Major Lazor, Tiesto, etc. His biggest song so far “Crack” was signed to Tiesto’s label and apparently was the 7th most played song at the most recent Ultra Music Festival in Miami. He works with a bunch of big name artists like Cardi B, DJ Mustard, etc & is really making a name for himself. He’ll probably kill it for you guys this weekend! For more info on this event, click HERE for the event page.

For Nitti Gritti’s Spotify (Over 300k listeners), click HERE. 

2. FNBP Presents: Velcro Pygmies

Since FSU has another home game this Saturday, FNBP is hosting another Block Party at CollegeTown this Friday night. For more info on the FSU game, click HERE for the event page. This week, the Velcro Pygmies are performing for you live. They are a high energy metal rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. These block parties are always such a great time since every venue in CollegeTown gets invovlved. The purpose of these block parties is to get you pumped for the FSU home games the next day! Have fun Noles. For more info on this event, click HERE for the event page.

3. CDU presents: Silent Disco

Who loves free food?! At Landis this Thursday, there will be a dance party with free pizza for FSU students. Club Downunder wants you to take a break from studying and have fun dancing with friends. Or if you’re broke (like everyone), then free pizza comes in real handy. If you’re wondering why it’s called “Silent Disco”, click HERE for the event page.

4. Sausage Fest V

The Crum Box Gastgarden’s 5th Annual Sausage Fest is this Sunday at 3:00 pm! At this food festival, there will be a few bands performing as well as all kinds of different sausages being prepared for you. There will also be other activities involved like getting your faces painted. Railroad Square is such a great place to go to. This festival makes it another great reason to leave your house and have another unforgettable moment. For more info about this event, click HERE for the event page.

5. To Infinity and Beyond! Blood Drive

Once again, who loves free food?! We know how much you all love blood drives. Okay, hear us out. Before the screening of Toy Story 4 at the ASLC, they are holding a blood drive to save the lives of others. If you choose to participate, you’ll be getting free Dippin’ Dots & a free t-shirt as well. How can you not take that deal?! For more info about this event, click HERE for the event page.

Have fun this week Noles! Remember, there are a ton of events on our homepage as well so take advantage of FSU & Tally to make your college experience unforgettable.