Welcome to our neat website! We here at Skedge are excited to bring you a comprehensive list of local events in Tallahassee, FL. As recent college grads living in the LA area, we often found it hard to find fun and interesting things to do that weren’t

a) 45 minutes away,

b) expensive, or

c) daunting (concert at the Staples Center? Yeah, no)

We just wanted to know which bars had cool events or listen to some bad karaoke at the hole in the wall around the corner. While we found what we were looking for, we also found other really cool events that we felt were worthy of sharing with all of you. There are enough happenings in our city that would guarantee you won’t get bored or go broke, and we’re happy to do all of the leg work in getting all of that information to you in one place.

Please help support us by submitting events we may have missed, telling your friends, or just continuing to visit.

We hope you find our little site useful 🙂