Hey Noles! Today, we wanted to talk about what we think are the 10 best restaurants in Tallahassee. Since our most popular blog thus far is our picks for Top 10 Happy Hours (click HERE to read), we thought this would really help you as well. There are just
Hey Noles! I know it’s hard that Summer C is coming to an end soon, but that just means we need to party even harder for the final moments! There are a ton of things to do on our homepage, so we’ve got you covered in case you
What’s Up Noles! Rather than telling you the top 5 events for the entire week, today we are sticking to the best events happening this weekend since we procrastinated writing until now. Yes, even we get lazy sometimes. There are a lot of interesting events coming up but
Happy Fourth of July! Today, we have a special edition for our Top 5 events. Instead of talking about the best events for the week, we will be covering the best things to do in Tally for July 4th! We wanted to make sure there are great options
Hey Seminoles! We hope your first week of Summer C is going great so far! Since the weekend starts tonight, we wanted to talk about the bars/clubs who serve the cheapest drinks in Tally. Knowing that most of you like to drink a lot & are on a